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Home Loans

Many different and varying home loan options are available on the market, all offering different rates, fees and features. The following is a snapshot of the types of home loans offered by our preferred lenders:

Fixed Rate loans are locked in for a specified term, protecting you against interest rate changes during that term. The risk of fixing your home loan rate is that you will not benefit from any potential reduction in market rates.

Standard Variable Rate loans offer you the most flexibility and a wide range of features, such as the option to fix or split your loan, offset accounts, the ability to make extra payments, and the option to draw down on funds if you require.

Combination or Split Rate loans can be a variety of combination, such as part fixed rate/ part variable rate or two or more loans on interest rate only and/or principal and interest.

Line of Credit loans are variable rate loans which are interest only, allowing you to borrow against the equity in your home. You also get a transaction account, making it easy to manage your finances.

Investment Property Finance give you a wide range of options for growing your residential property portfolio.

Home Equity loans allow you to access the equity in your existing property for home renovations, share investments or investing in other property.

The vast array of lenders and the products they offer can be quite daunting at times. At Kim Kershaw Finance Solutions, we do your leg work to access the best possible product, recommend a solution for your financial needs and then work with you to achieve a positive outcome. Try us! Contact us